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How I Save Money, Time, and Sanity Using Walmart Grocery Pickup

When I found out that Walmart Grocery Pickup was available in my little town I was extremely anxious to try it. Walmart wasn’t one of my favorite places to shop (especially with three kids in tow), but it was the best way for our family to save money.

I can honestly say that it’s been such a life saver for me and my family. Not only is grocery shopping easier, but I save so much time and money – and I don’t have the stress of going grocery shopping with the kids (or having to go late at night so I don’t have to bring them with me).

I have even converted some of my friends and family members to jump on board because of my crazy enthusiasm for how awesome the service is!

Anyway, here’s how I save time, money, and even a little sanity with Walmart Grocery Pickup:

1. I can grocery shop in the comfort of my own home.

2. I can schedule a day and time that’s best for me.

3. They load the groceries in the car for me. I don’t even have to get out!

4. I’m able to control my spending easier (no surprises at the register).

5. I can add items to my list when I think of them or when I run out.

6. I can put my regularly purchased items on my favorites list in the app for easy ordering.

I have to admit – I feel a bit spoiled by this service. And the great part is – they offer this FOR FREE. So, I’m only paying Walmart’s already low prices. Oh – and you can still use Walmart’s Savings Catcher in case you don’t pay the lowest price on an item. Pretty super way to save time and money I’d have to say!

If you haven’t tried it yet, get $10 off using my referral link (I’ll get $10, too, so bonus!):

Have you tried Walmart Grocery Pickup yet? What was your experience?

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