Abundant Living

My New Dream: A Simple, Well-Lived Life

My new dream is straightforward and uncomplicated: A simple, well-lived life. One where I have the time for the people and things I love.

No more “striving for stress.” Because that’s all striving hard has ever got me. Stressed and unsatisfied.

Give me a day of taking it easy, reading, writing, spending quality time with my family and my friends.

Hanging out at the local mom and pop shop eating boiled peanuts and sipping a coke.

Or at the library perusing all the book possibilities or browsing the classic movie selections.

Maybe the local coffee shop where they’re more than ok with you bringing your children – in fact they have toys and cartoons on just for the kiddos so parents can relax.

Or what about donating things I no longer want or need to my local thrift store (that also supports a local orphanage).

Better yet – put me in the woods surrounded by trees far away from the stress of modern life.

I want to do what I can with what I have. I want to live within my means.

I want to put my whole heart into my life. I want to live for my family, my friends, and my community.

That is my new dream. Not striving for more money, a better house, a new car, or exotic vacations. My new dream is to live well with what I already have. To see my life as abundant – as it already is.

So, now I can say I’m living my dream.

What dream do you have for your life?

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