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3 Lessons I’ve Learned from the Movie “Moana”

Since the children’s movie Moana has been added to Netflix, I’ve had to watch it everyday. My children LOVE Moana.

And I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t. It’s a really good movie! I mean, have you seen it?

Anyway, as I watch it over and over (and sing the songs over and over in my head), I’ve come to realize there are some really valuable lessons in that movie. Extra bonus points, Moana. 😉

Lesson #1: Don’t ignore the ocean if it keeps calling you.

Is there something that pulls at you, but you ignore it because of what other people want for you? Or because you don’t think you deserve it or have the time for it? Maybe it’s time you listen to that voice. It may seem different from what everyone else is doing, but you’re not everyone else. What is your heart calling you to do or be?

Lesson #2: When the ocean can’t help you, help yourself.

My husband actually quoted this to me the other day when I was struggling with something. He started with, “This is about to be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever said…” He was right, it was super cheesy, but here I am blogging about lessons I’ve learned from a cartoon, so I guess I’m right there with him. 😉

Anyway, sometimes all we want is someone else to help us when we’re in rough waters. When there’s no one else to help, be strong, push through, and tackle the problem head on.

Lesson #3: Your parents don’t always know what’s right for you.

Your family and friends want what’s best for you, but don’t always know what’s right for YOU. Be loving and respectful, but do what you know you need to do. This is your life, your choice.

Man, what a good movie. I’m glad at least if my kids are going to request the same movie to watch everyday, it’s this one.



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