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These are the Days – Let’s Make Them Count

I sit here on this gorgeous day watching my youngest daughter play in our small swimming pool under a tree in our front yard. Just her and her dolls. She is completely happy playing all by her lonesome while my other two children are away for summer related activities.

We don’t get time like this to ourselves much so it’s nice. I try to savor it as much as I can.

These are the days Let's make them count

It used to be so hard for me to really enjoy these moments – and sometimes I still catch myself not being able to sit still and soak it all in. These precious little moments with my children are so fleeting. Gone before you know it.

More than ever now do I realize how important these moments are. I want to notice them more. Take mental (and physical) pictures of them so I can treasure them always.

Why did I work so hard to escape them? Why did I let other people’s views and opinions of how I should live my life affect the time I have with my children?

This is my life. These are my children. I only have them for so long.

Gone are the days of listening to what others say I should be doing with my time. My time in this season of my life are for my beautiful, growing children.

These are the days. I want to make each one of them count.

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Gabby Orcutt

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