How I Save Time and Money by Automating Our Bills

I ended up as the CFO of our family. I manage all the money, pay all the bills, handle all the accounts, all that jazz. I was lovingly handed that job once my husband and I got married. Anybody else get that torch when they got married?

It’s really ok with me, but I’ve had to learn a lot over the years about money management.

I didn’t always do great with our money. But I found my way (thankfully).

I’ve experimented with all kinds of ways to manage our money and pay our bills. It’s not been a fun process, but I can finally say I’ve come up with a (mostly) hands-free solution that I love.

The first paycheck of the month funds our savings and personal expense account (this is what we use for groceries, gas, and other everyday miscellaneous items) in our Capital One 360 accounts (use my referral link and get a $25 bonus – and I’ll get $20!) I like using them because I can set up multiple accounts for different categories (like bill pay checking, everyday expense checking, emergency savings, home savings, etc).

The rest sits in our “bill pay checking” account and comes out automatically. I set everything on autopilot through our online bill pay. For bills that are variable amounts, I just set a reminder through my bill pay (or if you don’t have this feature you can use Google Calendar or Siri to automatically remind you a couple of weeks before your bill is due) and then pay the amount due at that time.

I love this system because I don’t have to spend nearly as much time handling my bills and accounts, I don’t have to worry about accidentally missing a payment and having to pay a late fee, or not having enough left over at the end of the month.

It’s a simple system that saves me time and money. I love saving time and money, don’t you?

Oh! And I also keep up with my online statements using a service called FileThis. This service fetches all your statements, bills, and other documents and will even remind you when a bill is due (and gives the amount due). It will also automatically save to Evernote, Box, Dropbox or even Google Drive (which is what I use) Рand they also have an app!

The service is free for up to 6 “connections” (which is plenty for me), but if you sign up through my referral link they’ll give you an extra connection just in case you need it – and I’ll get one, too. If you need more connections, their service costs between $2 and $5 a month.

Do you have any advice to streamline and automate your finances? I’d love to hear it!



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