4 ways to be a more present parent

4 Ways to be a More Present Parent

I don’t want my children growing up with parents who are too busy and can’t be present for them consistently. Parents who are too stressed out and too tired to hear about their day or something awesome they saw or did. Or to play a game with them. I want to be absolutely present for my children and to provide…

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how i save time and money by automating money bills

How I Save Time and Money by Automating Our Bills

I ended up as the CFO of our family. I manage all the money, pay all the bills, handle all the accounts, all that jazz. I was lovingly handed that job once my husband and I got married. Anybody else get that torch when they got married? It’s really ok with me, but I’ve had to learn a lot over…

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my new dream: a simple, well-lived life
Abundant Living

My New Dream: A Simple, Well-Lived Life

My new dream is straightforward and uncomplicated: A simple, well-lived life. One where I have the time for the people and things I love. No more “striving for stress.” Because that’s all striving hard has ever got me. Stressed and unsatisfied. Give me a day of taking it easy, reading, writing, spending quality time with my family and my friends.…

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8 ways to live a more abundant life
Abundant Living

8 Ways to Live a More Abundant Life Now

You can live a more abundant life right now – right where you are – right as you are. You don’t need loads of money, more friends, a bigger house, more stuff. All you need is to better examine your life as it is. Here are a 8 ways you can get started. 1. Acknowledge what you have right now.…

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